Texas Father Shoots Popeye's Robber Who Threatened His Family

December 08, 2017Dec 08, 2017

On Wednesday, a family decided that they would go to Popeye's restaurant for dinner. What they expected was an ordinary dinner, but what they received was something far more traumatizing. The father, who was eating at Popeye's restaurant, was packing a licensed handgun and shot an aspiring robber, killing him, after the father's family was threatened, according to Fox 29

Fox News reports that Ander Herrera, 19, walked into the restaurant just after 9 pm on Wednesday. He then approached the father, Carlos Molina, and demanded to have all the cash in his wallet. 

Molina responded truthfully that he had no money since he spent it all on a meal that he just purchased for his family. Realizing that the Molina was telling the truth, the robber then quickly turned toward the counter. He then began screaming at the manager, who was traumatized and trying to take cover behind the counter. 

Until this point in time, Molina's family was in the restroom and totally unaware of the events going on by the cash register. When Molina's family left the restroom and approached him, the robber then turned away from the counter and pointed the gun right at them. Then events escalated even further.

Molina looked at the robber and realized the situation before him. His family, he noticed, was in grave danger, as nothing stood in the way of them and the robber's gun. At this point, Molina felt that it was prudent to act in defense of his family. 

First, he tried to convince the robber to let his family go and directly asked the robber to leave his family alone. When the robber wouldn't point the gun away from his family, he felt that there was only one thing left to do.

Molina quickly whipped out his gun and shot Herrera several times, killing him on the spot. 

According to Fox News, it isn't likely that any charges will be filed against Molina since he was acting in order to defend the life of a third person.

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