Massacred Texas Church Receiving Miraculous News After Pastor's Big Announcement

November 10, 2017Nov 10, 2017

The nation was rocked by the mass shooting that recently took place in Sutherland Springs, Texas. While innocent parishioners worshipped inside a small church, a deranged man opened fire on the helpless crowd.

Police have stated that a shocking video, taken from inside the church, shows the killer brutally walking the aisles and firing on men, women, and children. The killer then fled the scene and died from a gunshot wound shortly after.

Now, the church is speaking out about the future of their facility. While they say that church and worshipping will still go on in the city, they will not be reopening the church building where the shootings took place. The pastor has even called for the building to be demolished.

“There’s too many that do not want to go back in there,” Pastor Frank Pomeroy said Wednesday night of his decision about First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs. “We will probably turn it into a memorial for a while. We’re playing it day by day right now.”

Now, the church has received some miraculous news! An anonymous donor has agreed to fund the cost of construction for a new church building.

Workers have tried to patch some holes in the exterior of the church, but it still was too much to see for some citizens. The chain link fence that surrounds the church has now been wrapped in black plastic. The construction of a new building will be a tremendous action in helping this small community begin to heal.

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