Texan Thanks Another TV Crew for Saving His Life During Flood

August 30, 2017Aug 30, 2017

Natural disasters, as terrible as they can be, can have a way of bringing people together. That’s been the story on the Gulf Coast of Texas as the remnants of Hurricane Harvey continue to battle numerous communities with up to 50 inches of rain or more.

On Sunday, a CNN TV crew let their humanity show through their broadcasting by stopping to help rescue an elderly couple from a severely flooded home after the couple’s daughter flagged them down. The CNN crew was helpful and respectful as they made their live broadcast secondary to the rescue.

"We're very thankful to everyone for the rescue," daughter Pam Jones told CNN.

She was especially grateful because her elderly mother suffers from Alzheimer's. And now it’s happened again, this time on Wednesday.

CNN reporter Drew Griffin was doing a live broadcast in Beaumont, Texas when he noticed a pickup truck behind him getting caught in fast-moving water as the driver tried to navigate a flooded ravine he thought was a road.

“Look at this. Get out, dude!” Griffin yelled at the driver.

“You got a power cord?” he asked his crew before running to pull the man to safety.

“Come on, buddy, get up out of the water,” Griffin instructed as he and another man got him out of the truck and onto higher ground as the vehicle was swept away. The rescue was caught on camera:


As he walked the man away from the flood waters while explaining to TV viewers what had just happened, he asked the driver, "How are you doing? Lord have mercy, this is too much of a time for you to be interviewed right now. Are you doing all right? Your heart doing OK? You're alive, sir. You're alive."

Griffin directed him toward shelter instead of doing an interview, but a moment later the man — identified as Jerry Sumrall — returned to thank the crew that rescued him.

“I want to thank these guys for saving my life,” Sumrall said on live TV. “Thank you.”

Another video captured the full aftermath and Griffin’s explanation of how easily Sumrall accidentally drove from a Jack in the Box parking lot straight into a deep, water-filled drainage channel.

Praise the Lord for this TV crews quick actions! Please pray for the safety of the flood victims and the many first responders and civilians rushing to rescue them. Here’s how President Trump supporters reacted to a different CNN reporter when Trump and Melania landed in Texas on Tuesday.

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