Terrorist Attack Occurs Outside of One of The World’s Holiest Places

July 14, 2017Jul 14, 2017

Another terrorist attack occurred on Friday morning, July 14th of 2017. The attack targeted police officers specifically outside one of the world’s holiest places: The Western Wall, located in Jerusalem’s Old City.


According to CNN, the attack took place around 7:00 AM local time by the Lions’ Gate, a well-known historical and religious site in the same area as the Western Wall. CNN also mentions that all three attackers were shot and killed by officers.

Unfortunately, two officers have been confirmed dead. Multiple news sources have identified them as the two men photographed below. Others have been reported injured. 


President Donald Trump and other members of the First Family recently visited The Western Wall back in May of this year. Trump, First Lady Melania, and First Daughter Ivanka all took photos at the holy site.

This recent terrorist attack comes shortly after multiple others taking place in 2017, including the notable Manchester Suicide Bombing at an Ariana Grande Concert in the U.K. and the London Bridge attack.

Jerusalem news sites released video footage, showing the officers getting attacked. You can watch the video below. Please keep those affected by this attack in your prayers. Thank you!


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