Teresa Giudice’s Wedding Will Have ‘Extra Security’ After Ramona Leak

Teresa Giudice & Ramona Singer
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You should take extra precautions. Teresa Guidice Luis RuelasAfter their wedding, they are reworking their original plans. Ramona SingerThey accidentally posted the date of their big day.

“I called her and I’m like, ‘Can you please take that down off your Story right now,’” Giudice, 50, told Entertainment Tonight at the MTV Movie & TV Awards on Sunday, June 5. “And she’s like, ‘Oh, my God, what did I do?’ She was like, ‘It was the most beautiful invitation I’ve ever got, and I get a lot of invitations.’”

Although the couple agreed that it was an “honest mistake,” the reality star noted that they implemented some changes because of the incident. “Now I’m gonna have to have extra security,” the Bravo personality shared.

Singer, 65, recently made headlines when she inadvertently showed the details of Giudice’s upcoming nuptials via Instagram Stories late last month. The social media post revealed that Giudice was engaged to Singer, 65. Real Housewives of New JerseyStar will tie the knot at East Brunswick’s Park Chateau Estate on August 6.

A source confirmed that the information was correct at the time. Us WeeklyThese details were accurate. The insider also noted that Giudice’s costars from RHONJSeason 1 Ultimate Girls TripReceived invitations

The Real Housewives of New York CityStar for her part, apologized after leaking the information. “Ramona is so sorry. She was not thinking, and is so excited to be invited to Teresa’s wedding. She has apologized to Teresa,” Singer’s rep said in a statement to Page Six.

Giudice was the only person to tell the story before the drama began. Use that she was inviting “a lot of Housewives” to celebrate her wedding day. “We’ll see who comes and who can make it and who can’t make it,” she added in May.

Teresa Giudice Will Have 'Extra Security' at Wedding After Ramona Singer Leaked Date and Location 2 Luis Ruelas

Luis Ruelas & Teresa Giudice

The New Jersey native’s nuptials originally became a topic of conversation when she confirmed that her sister-in-law, Melissa GorgaYou would not be a part of the bridal party if you were. “Don’t make a big deal. I mean, come on,” Giudice, who got engaged in October 2021, said during an appearance on Andy Cohen Live: Watch What HappensThis year, earlier.

That same month, Gorga, 43, opened up about finding out that she didn’t make the cut on television. “I did find out on TV that I’m not going to be in Teresa’s wedding and I’m not a bridesmaid, which I’m OK with. I’m fine with [it],” the singer said during an episode of her “Melissa Gorga on Display” podcast in March. “I understand. To each their own.”

She added: “We’ve always backed her up and we haven’t said much on the show in a negative light regarding her and Louie and it’s for a reason. It’s because we want her to be happy and we want it to be good. So I hope she sees that and realizes that, and I wish her nothing but happiness and I’m sure her wedding will be absolutely beautiful.”

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