Teresa Giudice Is ‘Intimidated By Me’

Do not be afraid! Caroline ManzoShe was a great cook. Real Housewives of New JerseyCostar Teresa Giudice — and revealed which of the two women are more scared for a TV face-off.

“I think she’s intimidated by me,” the 61-year-old star exclusively told Us WeeklyFriday, October 14, during BravoCon 2022 “I think that’s the crux of the problem.”

The New York native, who quit reality series in season 5 in 2013, has been a public feuding with Teresa, fifty, for years. Caroline said that she is open to the possibility of returning to the franchise. Use that Teresa doesn’t scare her.

“I’m not afraid of that. I’m a big girl,” she explained. “I’m a big ass girl. I’m not afraid of that.”

Teresa Giudice & Caroline Manzo
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The Let me Tell You SomethingThe author pointed out that Teresa might be uncomfortable with Caroline’s TV comeback on the same program.

“I have no fear with her and truly, like, she was just on Dancing with the Stars. She is my hero. I think it’s wonderful and exciting and she should be proud of herself,” Caroline revealed, pointing out that she has never stood back when it comes to the Turning the tables author’s onscreen shenanigans.

The former Housewife continued: “I’m not gonna take her nonsense. So, I think that for me, I’m the one that looks at her and go[es], ‘I’m not gonna throw a drink in your face. I’m not gonna push you. I’m not gonna call you a name. I’m gonna ask you why.’ And that’s not in her wheelhouse.”

Caroline added, “So I think that’s her issue with me. It’s what’s going on between the ears that she can’t handle.”

While the Manzo’d With Children alum hasn’t been on RHONJIn years, her dramas with Teresa are much more recent. In 2019, the Skinny Italian The cookbook author suggested that Caroline was involved with her ex-husband. Joe Giudice’s fraud conviction. (Teresa spent 11 month in prison in 2015, while Joe, 50 spent 41 months behind bars. Joe was later deported to his home country, Italy.

Teresa once again named Caroline during the earlier part of the year. RHONJSeason 12 reunion, claiming Melissa GorgaHer brother, Joe GorgaCaroline was befriended by. Jacqueline Laurita in order to turn them “against” her and her former spouse.

“You know what, Teresa? Why are you so obsessed with me?” Caroline said in response during a May appearance on her son Albie’s “Dear Albie” podcast.

She teased that she might return to the franchise to close down Teresa. “You know what? I would get great pleasure, fans, community, to go in and just knock the s–t out of her verbally and just put her in her place,” Caroline told the listeners.

Caroline said that Teresa was wrongly accused despite her May vow to bring justice. Use on Friday that she isn’t coming back to RHONJIt’s not yet. However, she has had talks with producers Andy CohenConsider a return potential

“For me, there’s a lot of variables. I left the show because I wasn’t happy. I’m not going back if I’m gonna continue to not be happy,” she said at BravoCon, noting, “I miss this fun, good, happy supporting [people].”

Ultimately, Caroline revealed, “I don’t need to worry about what knife is in my back and at what hour. But that comes with the territory.”

Christina Garibaldi reporting