Teresa Giudice Did Not Disinvite Ramona Singer to Her Wedding 

A wedding without Ramona. Teresa GiudiceIt was cleared up that Ramona SingerShe was disinvited to her marriage after the Real Housewives of New York City star accidentally posted the Real Housewives of New Jersey OG’s wedding invitation on Instagram.

“No, she was not disinvited, but then she didn’t come,” Teresa, 50, said on the Wednesday, October 5, episode of Us Weekly’s “Getting Real with the Housewives” podcast. “First, she puts it out there and then she says she didn’t. Then she didn’t even come to the wedding, and you know what? I’m glad she didn’t.”

After Teresa’s skipping Ramona, 65, sent no gift, Teresa said that Ramona did not.  Luis Rules’ nuptials. The couple had to hire additional security for their event at Chateau Estate in East Brunswick. It took place on August 6.

Teresa Giudice, Ramona Song
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“I don’t even want to talk about her because it’s such a joke for her to do that, it’s kind of embarrassing because, like, who does something like that?” the Stand Strong author told Us. “I mean, I heard she even showed her bank account on [Instagram] and that’s crazy to me and then she’s talked about me saying I needed a brain, and I was a scarecrow. I think it should be reversed. I mean, if you’re on TV, you don’t show somebody’s invitation.”

She added, “She was never disinvited. That is something I would never do. I would never give her that much attention, but she decided not to come and it’s all good.”

Despite the wedding snafu, the New Jersey native said that she “felt the love” on her wedding day and they had “such a good time.”

Teresa is now focusing her attention on her next project, following her two week stint. Dancing with the Stars. She has teamed up with Melissa Pfeister to launch their new podcast “Namaste B&tches.”

“I always hear that from people like how inspiring I am. I’ve helped so many people get through so many hard things in life, like cancer. Just a lot of things that people have told me and that feel good,” Teresa told Us.  “So, then I’m like, ‘Maybe there was a purpose.’ I would ask God — not to be religious frankly, but I’m Catholic —‘Why did I have to go through this?’ But I guess there was a reason why, God gave me this platform to inspire other women out there.”

Pfiester added of “Namaste B&tches,” which is featured on PodcastOne, “And that was another reason to do the podcast. There’s so much you [Teresa} to talk about, there’s so much more depth. Maybe our experiences can help others, and things like that, in a positive way. Take the things that weren’t maybe so positive in our lives and help people in a positive way.”