Ten Photos Capture Dramatic Storm that Left 5 Americans Dead

May 16, 2018May 16, 2018

Bloomberg News reports that on Tuesday, thunderstorms ripped across the Northeast. The storms led to a tornado in New York's Sullivan County, and several more tornadoes were spotted throughout the Northeast and New England.

Weather Service meteorologists are trying to assess the damage as they interview witnesses. We already know that at the height of the storm, thousands were left without power and many others were stranded in the Metro-North Railroad, which suspended operations citing downed trees on the tracks. Moreover, hundreds of people reported downed power lines, crushed cars, and damaged homes. 

CNN reports that residents throughout the Northeast are trying to spend Wednesday cleaning up the mess wrought by the storms. Much of the mess and damage was caused by marble-sized hail, which outright killed five people and left 200,000 businesses and homes without power.

Here are ten pictures that display the immense severity of the storms. 

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