Television and Film Actor Dies At Only 56

October 21, 2017Oct 21, 2017

Despite his early passing, Brent Briscoe had a full career. Briscoe, who passed away at only 56 on October 18th, worked alongside big names like Billy Bob Thornton, Jim Carrey, Tom Hanks, and Naomi Watts.


He appeared in the “Twin Peaks” reboot for David Lynch, playing Detective Dave Macklay. Fans of Parks & Recreation would know him as the owner of J.J.’s diner, where Leslie Knope would regularly go to get waffles.

His credits weren’t limited to television. He also appeared alongside Billy Bob Thornton in “Sling Blade” and “A Simple Plan.” He had bit roles in movies like “Mulholland Drive,” “The Green Mile,” “The Dark Knight Rises,” and “Spider-man 2.”

Briscoe passed away Wednesday in Los Angeles surrounded by friends and family. A friend announced the death on Facebook. They did not release a cause of death, said the Hollywood Reporter.


A lot of his big roles were played alongside Billy Bob Thornton. He starred in “A Simple Plan” as one of the three men who come upon a crashed plane full of cash.

He also acted alongside Thornton in “Sling Blade”, “U Turn,” “Mr. Woodcock,” “The Smell of Success,” and “Jayne Mansfield's Car.”

Briscoe hailed from Moberly, Missouri. He was born there on May 21st, 1961.

He attended Moberly High School and then the University of Missouri before beginning movie career by serving as an apprentice at The Burt Reynolds Dinner Theatre in Jupiter, Florida. His first onscreen credit came in 1990 on Reynolds' CBS sitcom, Evening Shade.

In addition to acting, Briscoe was also a staff writer on the Linda Bloodworth-Thomason comedy and teamed with Fauser on the teleplay for “The Right to Remain Silent.”

He also had several bit roles on television. He showed up on “Deadwood,” “24,” “Grey's Anatomy,” “Scandal,” “Desperate Housewives,” “Justified,” “NCIS,” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

Briscoe is survived by his father, Carl, sister, Shelley, and brother, Kent. Please pray for his family as they deal with his untimely passing.

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