Musician Rushed to ER After Being Kidnapped, Robbed of $800k and Beaten with Gun

July 22, 2018Jul 22, 2018

Disturbing news was reported on early Sunday morning that an up-and-coming rapper, Tekashi, was brutally beaten. The rapper, whose lifestyle choices many have previously questioned, was “kidnapped, pistol whipped, and robbed.”

According to TMZ, the musician was working on a music video in Brooklyn when the accident took place. When he drove into his driveway at around 4 a.m., another car that had been waiting for him pulled up and blocked him.

Reportedly, 3 hooded gunmen then got out of their car and grabbed the rapper and hit him repeatedly with their gun. At that point, Tekashi went unconscious. The next thing he remembers is waking in the back seat of their car.

The gunmen were allegedly after money, as they kept asking the musician for jewelry, money, and other possessions on the threat of murder. When they returned to Tekashi’s home, two of them went inside.

While in his home, the robbers stole $750k worth of jewelry and around $20k in cash. The rapper’s girlfriend and daughter were in the home at the time of the incident but were unharmed.

Eventually, the robbers all got back in the car and began to drive away. Thankfully, the rapper was able to muster up the energy to jump out of the back seat of the car. At that point, the robbers didn’t chase after him for fear of being caught.

The rapper was able to locate a stranger to call 911 and was rushed to the hospital via ambulance. As of Sunday mid-morning, doctors were still performing tests to evaluate the situation.

This is a developing story. Check back for details as they unfold. Meanwhile, be praying for this family during this traumatizing situation. In other recent news, a Hollywood star with over 20 years in the business just passed away. Please be praying for her family as well.