Teenager Hospitalized After Grabbing a Snack from the Gas Station

May 25, 2017May 25, 2017

A 16-year-old boy named Jonathan Villasenor has been hospitalized after being the victim of a Botulism outbreak in California. This is the same outbreak that has landed 8 other victims in the hospital and even killed one 37-year-old father of two young boys.

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Botulism is an extremely rare poisoning caused by ‘toxins produced by Clostridium botulinum bacteria’ and is usually spread through food and water. There has only been less than 200 cases reported since the year 2015.

It is easily treatable by a medical professional, but medical attention must be acquired immediately. Symptoms of the poisoning are serious and include difficulty swallowing, breathing, and speaking as well as paralysis. During and after treatment, patients are usually on ventilators for a lengthened period-of-time, up to even several months.

The recent outbreak is linked to nacho cheese sold at a gas station located in Northern California called ‘Valley Oak Food and Fuel’, according to Fox News. The teenager stopped at the gas station to get a snack and ended up on a ventilator in Oakland Children’s Hospital towards the end of April.

His principal stated, “It’s been a real worry for all of us. He’s been very, very ill for over a month...We’re wishing him to get better and come back to us real quickly. People have been talking, students have been talking and praying, and I saw them in the hall writing cards to him today.”

The nacho cheese, manufactured by Gehl Foods in Wisconsin, has been removed from all shelves. Fox also reports that an investigation is currently ongoing to determine what directly caused the Botulism outbreak.

If you live in the designated area and feel you may be at risk, please seek professional medical attention immediately. Please join us in prayer for the victims and share this article with friends and family. Thank you!