Teenage Hunter Illegally Kills Moose, Fined Massive Sum

April 17, 2019Apr 17, 2019

A young man is now in a lot of trouble thanks to a poor decision he made while hunting recently. Now, he has to pay some severe consequences.

According to reports, a 19-year-old hunter in Colorado has been fined nearly $20,000 after shooting, killing and abandoning a moose in November 2018.

"Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) was tipped off about the young man’s actions by a fellow hunter who found the dead moose, according to a news release. Officials responded to the scene and recovered a .270 caliber bullet from the animal’s spoiled carcass. Along with the tracks of the suspect’s boots, police were able to use the bullet to positively identify the hunter who shot the moose at a nearby hunting camp," reported Fox.

The man has since admitted to shooting and killing the moose. He said he thought the moose possibly was an elk. However, he also admitted he was too far away to properly identify the creature.

He did not have a permit to hunt the moose.

"On Aug. 9, Callan Hyatt pleaded guilty to five misdemeanor violations, including hunting in a careless manner, failing to locate wounded game, failing to dress wildlife, illegal possession of wildlife and hunting without a license, according to CPW," wrote Fox.

Many hunters, and wildlife conservationists, were angered by the story. This serves as a major lesson for others to always be sure to identify their targets.

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