Teen Survivor of Kentucky Shooting Describes Tragic and Chaotic Day, Says God Rescued Her

January 24, 2018Jan 24, 2018

Teen students at Marshall County High School were forced to drop to the ground in fear after a 15-year-old male student suddenly opened fire on campus Tuesday morning. Two students were tragically killed and at least 18 others were injured, 14 of which were gunshot wounds.

The shooter, who remains unidentified, was immediately taken into custody. He is currently facing several charges of murder and attempted murder.

Following the shooting, a teen survivor spoke out about the tragedy, recalling that very chaotic day. Student Kennadi Spraggs participated in an interview with ABC News about her horrifying experience.

Spraggs, a female senior at Marshall County, said she heard gunshots right after she high fived one of her friends—Dan, a boy who was shot.

She stated tearfully, “Nobody knew what to do and everyone is just yelling, ‘Get down! Get down!’”

In the midst of the chaos, she ran across the street and called her father as she tried to escape to safety.

Spraggs continued by discussing her faith and how God came to her rescue, “It’s about the strength with God, honestly, that I got out of that school. I think the He definitely has a plan for me. Otherwise, I would not have been able to get out of there.”

Spraggs' interview comes shortly after the two victims who tragically lost their lives in the shooting were identified.

Please continue to pray for the victims. In breaking news, former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar received a harsh sentence in relation to sexually assaulting more than 140 women.

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