Reality Star Arrested and Held Without Bail for Failing to Pay $36 Bill

January 24, 2019Jan 24, 2019

A famous face from the "Teen Mom" show has just found himself on the wrong side of the law yet again. Shortly after being arrested for a different issue, Ryan Edwards is back in custody.

According to reports, Edwards was at Bud's bar in Hamilton County, Tennessee where he ordered 6 shots of Jack Daniel's whiskey. The total for the bill came to $36. Ryan chose to walk out without paying for the shots.

"The bartender called the cops and recognized his face from photos in the Criminal Justice Portal. His mug was there because he's been arrested multiple times before, for drug possession and other offenses. Police located Edwards and arrested him for Theft of Services Under $1,000. According to cops, Edwards was in the bar from noon till 4 PM, when he left," reported TMZ.

Edwards is still in custody at this time. He is being held without bail due to another pending criminal case. Edwards has been in lots of trouble with law enforcement officers in the past.

We hope he can get his life straightened out and be a productive member of society. It is truly a shame to have made such a poor decision over $36.

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