Teen Left Extremely Ill After Making Homemade Slime, Now She's Sending Serious Warning to Other Kids

July 24, 2018Jul 24, 2018

One of the biggest trends in recent years has been the rise of homemade slime by young kids around the nation. Coming home from school, eating a quick snack, and making slime are what thousands of kids crave on a weekly basis.

The gooey, colorful slime is fun for kids to play with and stretch apart. They can even customize it! Some kids choose to make it bright colors and others even add sparkles to their slime.

However, it is not as innocent of an activity as people may think. There can actually be big consequences to making homemade slime that many people, including parents, are unaware of.

"Jessica Moreland, a 16-year-old from Newcastle, England, started making the addicting goo. She thought her younger cousins would love the stuff, so she started making batches of it," reported Western Journal.

"Shortly after she began making the slime in a shed in her backyard, she began to feel ill. She was dizzy, her lungs hurt, and she couldn’t catch her breath. 'I had headaches and I started to feel really sick,' she said. 'I started becoming really, really ill. I had headaches and stomachaches and felt sick.'

After days went by and Jessica was still feeling sick, her parents took her to see a doctor. It was during that visit that she told the doctor she had been making slime and using a popular ingredient in her recipe: borax.

“They said it is really, really high in toxic chemicals and it was making me really poorly. All the fumes were entering my body and it was making me poorly. After that I stopped making it," she said.

Since falling ill, Jessica has been on a mission to warn other kids about the potential danger of slime made with borax. She is trying to raise awareness and also spread that word that using cornstarch, instead of borax, is a much safer alternative!

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