Teen Missing for Days After Running Away with Coach, May be Headed Across U.S.

November 28, 2017Nov 28, 2017

17-year-old Caitlyn Frisina reportedly ran away with a soccer coach from her high school over the weekend. According to reports, the teenage high school student from Florida has not been seen since Saturday evening.

27-year-old Rian Rodriguez was the boys' soccer coach at Fort White High School, which is partly how he knew Frisina. Frisina plays for the corresponding girls' soccer team, which is coached by her father.

Additionally, Rodriguez was a family friend, so it's possible that the two knew each other long before their connection through the high school. Fox stated that Frisina’s dad helped Rodriguez get the coaching job.

According to ABC News, Rodriguez has been suspended in wake of the investigation.

In a Facebook post, the sheriff department also revealed that Frisina fully erased everything on her cell phone and appeared to escape through her bedroom window on Saturday night, leading authorities to believe she left willingly.

They may be traveling in a red 2001 Mercury Sable with Florida license plate Z04CSC. It is highly likely that they are across state lines. Previously, it was discovered that the teenager pulled cash out of an ATM in Georgia, so they could be headed north. Police believe they could be headed to New York, Pennsylvania, or Canada, where they have family living. The I-95 corridor is a possible path of travel.

New surveillance video recorded at a Pilot gas station in St. Mary's, Georgia — just north of Jacksonville, Florida — confirmed that Rodriguez and Frisina are traveling together and revealed what they were wearing their first full day on the lam, according to CBS News. It was in that town that Frisina withdrew $200 from her bank account via an ATM. By Sunday evening, they were spotted in Fayetteville, North Carolina, about 350 miles north of St. Mary's on the I-95.

In St. Mary's, Frisina appeared to be wearing a blue and white sock hat with a pompom on top, a baggy gray sweater, and black athletic pants or leggings with white racing stripes down the sides. Rodriguez appeared to be wearing a black hoodie with red sleeves, tan pants, and black and white shoes.

The 17-year-old's immediate family members, who are extremely concerned about their daughter and are seeking help from the public, told Fox, "We just have to assume that until we get her home, she is in danger."

As for why Frisina may have left with Rodriguez, police are looking into reports that there was the "blossoming of a potential relationship" between them, ABC News reports.

Her parents, though, say they were unaware of any such relationship. They couldn't think of a time when their daughter and Rodriguez had ever been alone together.

"Caitlyn has a current boyfriend who also is beside himself because everything was fine," Columbia County Sheriff's Office spokesman Murray Smith explained.

Authorities are not yet treating this incident as a criminal abduction. No charges have been filed, according to ABC News.

Smith explained, "We are hoping for a great resolution. We don’t want them to think they are in trouble. They’ve made some poor decisions but who hasn’t? Just want them to contact their families and come home."

"She is legally a juvenile. Although she's 17 years old, she's still unable to consent by law. That's our concern, and our concern, of course, is that we don't know she's OK," said Columbia County Sheriff Mark Hunter.

Frisina's parents desperately want her to return home and have publicly posted messages on social media letting her know they love her, will welcome her home with open arms, and just want her to be safe.

"Please let us know that you're ok. Day or night, no matter what; no judgement [sic], no anger...just know we're here and we love you more than you can imagine!" her mother Scarlet wrote on Facebook.

Please report any information to the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office at 386-719-2005 and share this information with friends and family to spread awareness. May this young girl return home safely! This article will be updated accordingly as additional details are revealed. In other news, a 2012 interview with well-known journalist Katie Couric has been unearthed where she outlines a pattern of Matt Lauer's inappropriate behavior toward her.

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