Teen Girl Arrested for Killing 79-Year-Old Church Elder

July 24, 2017Jul 24, 2017

Over the weekend, deputies in southern California responded to a report about an elderly man who had not been seen in several days. The man was Willie Hunter, a 79-year-old church minister and elder at the United in Christ Baptist Church of Apple Valley.

The deputies went to Hunter’s home Saturday afternoon and found him dead. Hunter had several stabbing wounds and the scene indicated that the elder was the victim of a homicide.

After Homicide Investigators conducted a significant amount of research, they determined that the person who killed Willie Hunter was a 16-year-old girl. They have reason to believe that the teen and Hunter knew each other and that they had gotten into an altercation before the murder.

After the alleged murder, the teen was accused of stealing Hunter’s car. The teen girl, whose name has not been released, was arrested on Sunday and booked as a juvenile on suspicion of murder. 


Neighbors and church members who knew Willie Hunter commented on the victim’s character and kind heart.

Alexander Brandon, a fellow church member, said, “He was always nice to everybody. Give you the shirt off his back. Give you the food on his plate. Someone you could always go to, someone you could just ask a question, and he’ll give you the guidance of God from there, just lead you on the right path.”

Brandon also described “Mr. Willie” as a “stand-up man, a real man of God.”

The church staff released the following photo of Rev. Willie Hunter:

Not only were many saddened about Willie Hunter’s death, but the tragedy left neighbors feeling threatened as well.  

One neighbor said, “It’s kind of scary in our neighborhood, because this neighborhood’s usually quiet.”

No other information has been released about the homicide of Willie Hunter. Detectives on the case are asking that if anyone has any information, they should call Detective Justin Giles at 909-387-3589.

Please join us in prayer for Hunter’s friends and family during this difficult time of grief. You can leave your comments and prayers on Facebook. 

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