Teen Bullied For Wearing Trump Hat Gets The Last Laugh

August 09, 2016Aug 09, 2016

A South Portland, Maine student who was bullied for repeatedly wearing a "Make America Great Again" Trump hat to school decided he wasn't going to fall to peer pressure, and his perseverance has now paid off.

According to Education Action Group, the ridicule began when high school student Connor Mullen started wearing the hat to school this spring. It immediately drew mocking criticism and bullying from classmates and teachers.

Connor told the Portland Press Herald, “I knew kids would pick on me about it, that’s just kids being kids. But when the adults started doing it, I thought 'that’s problematic.' This is a school that preaches equality.”

After having his concerns blown off by the assistant principal of his school, Connor's plight gained national attention and even got him a meeting with Maine's Republican governor. Then Connor's dreams came true when he got to meet his political hero face-to-face.

Connor wrote in a RedAlertPolitics column, "After all the controversy over my hat, I was invited to stand in a V.I.P. section at Trump’s rally in Maine and got to meet the Republican nominee. The experience was surreal, something I’ve replayed in my head over and over again. The whole experience from buying the hat to meeting Trump opened my eyes: Whether you support Trump, Hillary, or anyone else, treat everyone with respect."

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