Teen nets a stolen safe full of cash with a fishing magnet, and returns it all to its owner

Treasure hunting remains a popular business. Fishing magnets are becoming more popular.

The fishing magnet technique is widely covered on YouTube and other social media platforms. It involves powerful magnets that are attached with strong ropes. Hobbyists then drop the ropes into the waterways. Then they wait to see what magnets attract.

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A fishing magnet doesn’t always find treasures though. In Michigan, the bomb squad was called when a magnetic fisherman found a World War I-era mortar grenade.

Law enforcement and other relevant government agency are also paying attention to the fishing hobby. Criminals often drop weapons and stolen goods into waterways after committing crime.

Magnets tied to strong ropes are coiled before using.
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Sometimes, however, when fishing magnet enthusiasts find a great find, the story that follows is often the real treasure. That is exactly what George Tindale, a 15-year-old from Magnetic G, had to say.

George and his dad Kevin (52 years old) from Grantham in Lincolnshire made an incredible discovery while fishing in the River Witham. Their powerful magnets pulled up an iron safe that was submerged in water.

The Tindales get ready to go fishing magnet hunting.
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Father and son broke open the safe using a crowbar to find $2,500 Australian dollars, which is equivalent to US$ 1,800. They also found a shotgun license and expired credit cards from 2004. Using the gun certificate and credit cards, the Tindales tracked down Rob Everett, the safe’s owner.

Everett is the owner of Winkworth and the Money Options Group, Grantham. After confirming ownership of the safe, George, his parents, Kevin, and Denise visited Everett in order to return the money.

The Tindales haul up a safe while fishing magnet hunting.
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The safe was stolen in 2000 during an office robbery. It was then dumped into the river. Everett said, “I remember at the time, they smashed into a cabinet to get to the safe. I was just upset that there was a nice pen on my desk, a Montblanc that was never recovered.”

A teenage boy robbed the store after he left a cap with his name inside.

The Tindales prepare to open the safe they found while using the fishing magnet.
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Everett offered George an internship and a small reward for being honest when he met the Tindales. Everett was apparently impressed with the boy’s math skills, which George showed in a YouTube video as he counted the Australian dollars.

“Some people are just wonderful. They’ve gone to all that trouble. I offered a small reward for George. What’s good about it is George is a good mathematician apparently, and I run a wealth management company now, and I’ve offered him work experience when he’s ready to give him something back, give him some opportunity. I’d love him to work for us. He’s only 15 but give him a bit more time and I’d be happy to give him an opportunity,” Everett said.

The Tindales count the cash they found in the safe.
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Everett’s 22-year-old story has left a lasting impression on Everett and increased faith in humanity.

He shared, “I was just amazed that they’d been able to track me down. There are some truly nice and generous people in the world. They could have kept the money, they could have said they attempted to get hold of me.”

Everett added, “There’s a big lesson there. It teaches George that doing good and being honest and giving back is actually more rewarding than taking.”

The cash in the safe found while using the fishing magnet amounted to thousands of Australian dollars.
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George recalled, “I mean it was amazing really. We pulled the safe out and all the money was in it. We counted it roughly on the bank and I think we totaled it about two and a half grand and we were just shocked.”

George and Kevin also go underwater metal detecting when it’s too hot to use a fishing magnet.
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And after meeting Everett, he added, “[Rob]It was fantastic. If I ever want work experience when I leave school, he said the offers always open.”

Some of the coins found by the Tindales while using a fishing magnet.
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George’s fishing magnet hobby isn’t just about treasure hunting. His mother explained that George learned a lot about water pollution from exploring waterways.

The Tindales found an antique Edison’s Phonograph Cabinet Key on one of their fishing magnet trips.
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“George is very environmentally conscious. He always has been since primary school,” Denise said. “When he first started to do this, he was after treasure. Everything ends up in the rivers and canals.”

Kevin holds up a beautiful horse figurine found while on a fishing magnet expedition.
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It is not easy to find a safe containing cash and return it to its owner. George says that this fishing magnet experience was his best yet. This is sure to inspire others, even while they are out hunting for treasure.

Watch George’s story in the video below:

Visit their YouTube channel HERE to see more videos of fishing magnets.