Teen Mom’s Cheyenne Floyd, Family Shot at 13 Times in the Car

Teen Mom’s Cheyenne Floyd and Fiancé Were Shot at While in the Car With Kids

Cheyenne Floyd and Zach Davis
Courtesy Zach Davis/Instagram

It was a terrifying experience. Teen Momstar Cheyenne Floyd and her fiancé, Zach DavisEarlier this year, a relative revealed that they were shot while riding in the car with their children.

“We’re just riding and the music was playing. It was a normal car day and Chy looks at me and goes, ‘What is that?’ It was a green beam on my face,” Zach recalled during the season premiere of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, which aired on Tuesday September 6, before revealing that someone was aiming at him with a gun. “It was somebody we both knew. He’s been here at Chy’s house. There are also photos [of us] with him.”

He continued: “All of a sudden you start hearing shots. He crashed 13 times into the car, and then he crashed into the back of the Prius. It was the worst feeling in the world.”

Despite the bullets hitting the car, Cheyenne said it was a “miracle” that the entire family was unharmed. “God literally covered us that day because every cop who was there said they don’t understand how we are all alive,” she explained in the episode. “I had to pinch myself to make sure I understood that I was alive.” The shooter was not named in the episode, and the couple didn’t share any theories about the motive behind the attack.

After the gunman didn’t turn up at a Los Angeles County courthouse, the MTV personality opened up about the lingering trauma from the incident. “I feel like he didn’t kill us, but he took so much from us,” Cheyenne told her mother and sister in the episode, before explaining that she was worried about 5-year-old Ryder — who she shares with ex Cory Wharton — and Ace, 16 months. “They’re just babies,” she said. “They were not supposed to go through that.”

Cheyenne later spoke out for her gratitude for her family and friends who supported her and ZachThrough the difficult times. “We have had the hardest year but we are alive and extremely blessed,” she wrote via Twitter on Tuesday. “Thank you to our friends and family who have been going through this hell with us. We got this 🖤 @zachtdavis.”

The Are You The One?The alum started dating Zach in 2018, and they got engaged in April 2021, one year before the birth of their son. The couple had previously admitted that they had been talking about marriage long before he proposed. However, they wanted to wait until their whole family was ready to celebrate.

“We’ve talked about marriage. We would love to be married this year, but COVID and other issues keep us from getting it. [we couldn’t],” Cheyenne exclusively told Us WeeklyJanuary 2021. “We both come from really big families that are really involved with us. We tried to figure out, like, some form or fashion of what we could do, and it just wasn’t going to work to our standards or what we wanted and having our families there. So, we’re just gonna wait until it’s safe to do so.”

She continued: “Zach and I have gone back and forth with dating since I was a senior in high school. It was meant to be. Finally, we just looked at each other and were, like, ‘OK, I guess we gotta make it work this time.’”