Ted Cruz Takes Down Global Warming Activist In Brilliant Exchange

October 12, 2015Oct 12, 2015

Ted Cruz is a gifted lawyer and a relentless Senator.  With years of experience arguing cases before the Supreme Court, Cruz relies on common sense and facts when making his case.

This past Tuesday, Cruz took the opportunity to discuss the science of global warming with the president of the Sierra Club, Aaron Mair.  The questioning resembled more of an interrogation rather than a conversation as Mair quickly wilted under Cruz’s line of questioning.

“Is it correct that the satellite data over the past 18 years demonstrate no significant warming?” Cruz asked Mair.

“No,” Mair replied.

“How is it incorrect?” Cruz countered.

At that point, the leader of the environmental lobbyist group leaned back to members of his staff to get an answer to Cruz’s question.  Cruz smelled blood in the water and dug deeper into his line of questioning.  Mair retreated behind a prepared response and repeated it over and over.

Watch the whole exchange here…