Ted Cruz Takes Aim At Hillary Clinton And The GOP In This Passionate Plea

July 29, 2015Jul 29, 2015

Texas Senator and Republican presidential candidate, Ted Cruz, spoke out against abortion and the horrors of the planned parenthood scandal near the steps of the Capitol building yesterday.

He implored all Americans to look deep inside themselves.  “I would encourage every American to watch these videos, regardless of your views on the right to life.  Even if you are a supporter of abortion I would encourage you, watch these videos and just ask a very simple question: Are these my values?”

Cruz then set his sights on Hillary Clinton, a notorious unwavering supporter of planned parenthood, “I call upon our friends in the mainstream media to ask Hillary Clinton if she is pleased that she has so much passionate support from planned parenthood, an entity that appears to be a national criminal enterprise”

Continuing in his simmering feud with the leaders of the Republican party in the Senate, Cruz told the crowd, “I have introduced legislation to defund planned parenthood and I’m sorry to tell you that this weekend congressional leadership blocked voting on defunding planned parenthood.  When Republican and Democratic leadership stand together in unity when we see the McConnell – Reid leadership team in the United States Senate, it is altogether unacceptable.”

Two other Republican presidential candidates, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and Dr. Ben Carson also spoke at the pro-life rally and gave impassioned speeches.