Ted Cruz Stands Up Against The Persecution Of Christians

July 23, 2015Jul 23, 2015

Texas Senator and 2016 Republican presidential candidate, Ted Cruz, is a fervent defender of the constitution and a vocal advocate for religious freedom.

In this video, Ted Cruz sits down with Dick and Betty Odgaard.  The couple from Iowa have been persecuted by LGBT supporters and anti-religious bigots because they had respectfully declined to perform a same-sex marriage in their church. 

Instead of respecting the deep religious convictions that the couple holds, the same sex couple sued the Odgaards.  The religious couple has since been harassed by the LGBT community and their supporters.  Their church has suffered so much persecution that they are forced to close their doors.

Religious persecution is very real, and it is just beginning.  Thankfully there is a powerful man in office to lead the fight against the persecution of Christians.