Ted Cruz's Dad Speaks Out About The Devil And Same-Sex Marriage

September 24, 2015Sep 24, 2015


We can see where Senator Ted Cruz gets his strength from: his preacher dad, Rafael Cruz. During a Tennessee rally in support of Kim Davis, the elder Cruz made some very strong remarks about the Devil's hand in same-sex marriage and how Christians will respond.

WND reports: “The devil overplayed his hand," said Pastor Cruz, referring to the Supreme Court's legislation of same-sex marriage. “What we saw in Kentucky with Kim Davis is tyranny."

But he predicts that tyranny will prompt Christians to finally get up and stand for their religious liberty. “We’ve been silent too long. Religious persecution ends in January 2017.”

Naturally, Pastor Cruz is probably referring to his son's hopeful place in office. Senator Cruz has shown a remarkable and unshakable stance for the Constitution and religious liberty in his time in office. Do you think his presidency would be a strong fortress for Christian liberty? And do you think the latest move on same-sex marriage will prompt Christians to stand up? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments!