Ted Cruz Just Teamed Up With A Liberal Actress And Two Democratic Senators For THIS Reason

June 07, 2016Jun 07, 2016

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has a hard enough time getting along with and working alongside members of his own party, so it would be a near impossible feat for him to work together with liberal Democrats.

However, that is exactly what Cruz did on Tuesday when he and fellow Texas Senator John Cornyn teamed up with Democratic Senators Chuck Schumer and Richard Blumenthal. According to Breitbart the four senators and actress Helen Mirren worked together to introduce a bill.

The new piece of legislation, the Holocaust Expropriated Art Recovery Act would extend the statute of limitations for victims and their families to reclaim artwork that was stolen from them during the holocaust.

“The quest to reunite the families of Holocaust victims with their stolen heritage is ultimately a quest to help them reclaim a tangible link to a happier time in their family’s history, a time before the darkness of the Holocaust,” Cruz said.

Helen Mirren was on hand to lend her support to the bill. She had recently portrayed an Austrian-Jewish refugee in the film ‘Woman in Gold, who lobbied for recovering priceless works of art stolen by the Nazis.