Ted Cruz Has Planned His First Day In The White House, Here’s What It Looks Like

December 04, 2015Dec 04, 2015

A growing trend amongst presidential hopefuls from both political parties is to have your first day as president all mapped out.  It is a great tool to use to sell yourself as a viable candidate and a person of action.  It is a win-win situation for the candidate.  You tell your constituents your grand plan and you aren’t expected to deliver on your promise unless you are elected into office.

One such candidate that has listed out his 1st day plans is Ted Cruz, the firebrand Senator from Texas.  On Thursday, Cruz stood before Jewish Coalition presidential forum in Washington D.C. and laid out his plans.


In regards to the Iran deal, Cruz said, “If I am elected president, I have pledged in my very first day in office to rip to shreds this catastrophic deal.”  Cruz also told the crowd that on the first day in office, he would start moving the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. 

During the first GOP debate, Cruz told the country that on his first day in office he would “rescind every illegal and unconstitutional action taken by Barack Obama.”  If he is elected, Cruz has his work cut out for him from day one as the list of unconstitutional actions is long. 

According to the Weekly Standard, Cruz also had some sharp and pointed words for Obama and his leadership.  Cruz called Obama an “apologist for radical Islamic terrorism.”  When talking about his record in the Senate, Cruz beamed with pride as he mentioned he was only one of three Senators who stood opposed to John Kerry’s nomination for Secretary of State.  “Never have I been prouder to be one of those three,” Cruz said.