Ted Cruz BLASTS Obama With Two Words After Terrorist Attack In Nice

July 15, 2016Jul 15, 2016

“Willfull blindness,” is how Texas Senator Ted Cruz described Obama’s passive demeanor and purposeful ignorance while American allies are being terrorized by radical Islamists.

After the cowardly terrorist attack in Nice on Thursday, Cruz stood up and said what Obama has repeatedly refused to say. “We have to remove the blinders and recognize this for what it is: radical Islamic terrorism,” Cruz said in a statement.

“Our close ally France is reeling from yet another major attack apparently carried out by radial Islamic terrorists,” Cruz said. “Let us make no mistake about it, Europe is under siege.”

The problem with radical Islamic terrorism is that it isn’t confined to any one place. Attacks have occurred around the world with increased frequency. They have happened all across the Middle East, Europe, and even the United States. According to the Daily Caller, Cruz believes as do millions of Americans that the president must take immediate action to prevent terrorists from attacking America.

“We need to stop radicalized individuals from coming into the United States,” Cruz said. “We need to empower our law enforcement to target this specific threat, whether imported or homegrown. After seven and a half years of the Obama administration denying this danger, it is getting worse, not better. Willful blindness is not a policy.”