Tech Expert: White House Absolutely KNEW About Hillary's Private Server

October 27, 2016Oct 27, 2016

Bob Gourley, a former Defense Intelligence Agency official, revealed to Fox News why the idea that the White House knew nothing about Hillary's use of an unauthorized, unsecured private e-mail server to conduct State Department business is a complete crock.

Gourley pointed that that WikiLeaks revealed communications between Obama and Hillary when Hillary was using her unauthorized account. He said such a communication would be impossible without Obama's BlackBerry smartphone being setup to receive e-mails from her because the security protocols setup on Obama's BlackBerry only allow e-mails to come from approved accounts. It's a method called "whitelisting."

“Think of whitelisting like a bouncer in the VIP line at the party," Bob explained. "If you are on the list you get in; if you are not, you get bounced to the pavement. Whitelisting happens by design. The IT professionals who whitelist devices at places like the White House only add the email addresses authorized by management. To do otherwise would be to violate policy in ways that could introduce threats to the system."

The White House continues to insist that Obama knew nothing about Hillary's gross violation of national security protocols until the New York Times broke the story.

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