Tebow Takes On His Critics, REVEALS Why He Is Pursuing A Baseball Career

September 06, 2016Sep 06, 2016

Tim Tebow has had to face critics and naysayers for as long as he could remember, but that hasn’t stopped him from pursuing his dreams. As the former NFL quarterback attempts to transition from football to baseball, the critics are back and questioning his intentions.

Not only are critics questioning his intentions and skill level, people on social media have also been bashing Tebow for his career change. According to the Christian Post, the vitriol and hatred do nothing to derail Tebow from his pursuits. “When did pursuing what you love become such a bad thing?” Tebow asked. “I’ll make the sacrifices to be the best I can.”

Tebow quickly put to rest any notion that he was pursuing baseball to further his fame. “This isn’t about publicity,” Tebow said. “It’s definitely not about money. I took a pay cut to do this. For me, you pursue what you love regardless of what else happens. If you fail or fall flat on your face, and that’s the worst thing that can happen, it’s ok.”