Teacher Vanished on Kayak Trip, Teenager Just Arrested for the Murder

September 19, 2017Sep 19, 2017

On Tuesday, a teenager was arrested for the alleged murder of Emma Kelty, a British adventurer. The 43-year-old "professional sportswoman" disappeared while on a solo kayaking trip in the Amazon.

Kelty went missing last week somewhere in the upper stretches of the Amazon in northern Brazil. While her body has not yet been found, a teenage boy has been arrested on suspicion of participating in her murder. 

Reportedly the boy, along with six other people, murdered Kelty. They were in an area known as the Solimoes River, which is commonplace for pirate attacks and drug traffickers. 

Kelty was 42 days into a 4,000-mile trip along the river. The brave adventurer was not one to give up when circumstances became difficult. In fact, earlier this year she became the 6th woman in the world to ski solo to the South Pole.

She had been documenting her kayaking travels on social media and posted just before her disappearance about the fear that she was facing. 

On Facebook, she said that the area she was entering was very dangerous. She said, "So in or near Coari (100km away) I will have my boat stolen and I will be killed too. Nice." She also took to Twitter to document a scary encounter.



The last that Kelty was heard from was on September 13, when she reported that "All is OK." Her kayak and other belongings were found by the Brazilian navy a few days later. 

Please be praying for Kelty's family as they are suffering this sad loss. Share your prayers on Facebook. For other breaking news, read our latest article about the 23 dead bodies that were just discovered on the sea bottom. 

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