Teacher Under Major Heat After Telling Students This About President Trump

September 05, 2017Sep 05, 2017

Last week, a Georgia school district superintendent was forced to apologize to students after a teacher made a divisive statement in her classroom. The high school math teacher kicked two students out of her classroom for wearing Trump apparel, claiming that wearing it was the same as wearing a swastika.

The teacher specified that her students were not allowed to wear their "Make America Great Again" shirts or hats in her classroom. According to the Washington Times, she said that the campaign slogan was linked to neo-Nazis after the Charlottesville violence.

A student caught the incident on camera, and the video has now gone viral. In it, the teacher compares wearing the Trump slogan to wearing a "swastika."


While the math teacher kicked out two students from her classroom, the claim that Trump apparel is not appropriate holds no weight in the school district's actual dress code. Cherokee County Schools spokeswoman Barbara Jacoby released a statement about the incident.

She said, "Her actions were wrong, as the 'Make America Great Again' shirts worn by the students are not a violation of our School District dress code."

Georgia state lawmakers reacted to the incident as well, agreeing that the teacher was out of line with her comments. Rep. Earl Ehrhart called the incident "shocking," and Rep. John Carson called it "despicable." Rep. Mandi Ballinger said that the school responded well to the situation, however, upholding the students' right to free speech. 

Jacoby said, "Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian V. Hightower is deeply sorry that this incident happened in one of our schools. It does not reflect his expectation that all students be treated equally and respectfully by our employees."

No word has been given about disciplinary action taken against the teacher.

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