School Teacher Tackles Gunman in School Shooting

September 21, 2017Sep 21, 2017

It was recently reported that an Illinois school teacher risked her life in a heroic act to prevent a gunman from treacherously killing students. Rather than letting a student gunman continue to shoot fellow students, she confronted the young man and took him down. She has been praised as a hero and is attributed with ending a dangerous situation before it escalated into an absolute tragedy.

“Lives were saved by the quick response of that teacher,” said Mattoon police chief Jeff Branson according to NY Daily News. “If that teacher had not responded as quickly as they had, I think the situation would have been a lot different.”

School teacher Angela McQueen, 40, teaches math at Mattoon High School. After taking down the shooter, she physically held him down until the school resource officer could come to the rescue. Reports say that McQueen was previously trained for an active shooter situation and that she clearly put her training to incredible use. 

On Wednesday, police claimed that the shooting happened at Mattoon High School at about 11:30 am. The suspect was taken into custody and the injured students were put in stable condition at a local hospital. 

NY Daily News reports that the first student is doing just fine, and despite being injured is "smiling in stable condition, in good spirits and joking about catching some slack on his grades." 

The second student is also recovering from a minor injury occurred while fleeing from the school. He has a wound on his knuckles and wasn't hospitalized.

After the incident occurred, the police began clearing out students from the school, room by room, until the entire building was empty. Soon thereafter, the students were bused to a nearby school where they could safely be picked up by parents. 

The school is located about 180 miles south of Chicago. 

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