Taylor Swift Speaking Out About Her Sexual Assault

August 04, 2017Aug 04, 2017

Taylor Swift has been laying low since last summer. She's rarely been seen by paparazzi, and she didn't release an album last fall as expected. But now she's coming back into the spotlight to speak out about an alleged sexual assault.

In 2013, Swift said she was assaulted by a Denver D.J., who she says reached up her skirt and groped her at a meet and greet. After the incident, which was apparently captured in a picture, Swift's team reached out to his superiors, and the D.J., David Mueller, was fired. After his termination, he brought a suit against Swift, saying she falsely accused him of groping her.

On Monday, almost four years later, Taylor is expected to testify in the civil case in Denver.

"Swift, who was 23 at the time, claims in a legal response to Mueller's suit that he assaulted her when they posed for a photo by 'reaching under her dress and grabbing her bottom,'" reports CNN.

Swift says she told her mother, Andrea, and other members of her team what happened directly afterward. However, she points out in pre-trial motions that she didn't reach out to the radio station. Instead, it was her radio promotions director, Frank Bell, who addressed the incident.

"The station conducted an investigation and moved to terminate Mueller, Swift's filing states... No less than seven KYGO personnel participated in the investigation," Swift's pre-trial response states according to CNN.

Swift also stated that the radio station fired Mueller for "violating the morality clause of his contract" after the station "independently" discovered he had lied about the incident, changed his story, and touched her inappropriately. However, despite the fact that KYGO oversaw his termination, Mueller never sued them for breaching his employment contract.

Mueller responded in his complaint, saying "Bell contacted KYGO's general manager Bob Call and told Call the station 'could be gravely impacted' by the alleged incident. Mueller claims he was fired after Call was told Swift and her parents were 'looking for specific action' from the station," reveals CNN.

Swift, Bell, and Swift's mother are all expected to testify on Monday. They will also be joined by a professor from the University of Colorado, who will testify to the "ramifications for victims of sexual assault and harassment."

Mueller first initiated this suit in 2015, nearly two years after his termination. A judge has already thrown out his claims that Swift slandered him.

"Mueller was also sanctioned for destroying electronic devices that contained evidence in the case," adds CNN.

The trial will go forward on Monday, August 7th, in Denver. Stay tuned for the details of the trial. If you're interested in Taylor Swift, you might want to read about what she possibly did to avoid paparazzi. 

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