Taylor Swift Listed as Emergency Contact for Pilot in Crash

August 08, 2018Aug 08, 2018

Taylor Swift is a legend. She is known around the world for her amazing vocal abilities and her show-stopping performances.

While she usually makes headlines for topics related to her music career, one news story is now sweeping the nation. Apparently, Taylor was listed as the emergency contact person for a man who recently died in a plane crash.


"A private pilot who was killed after crashing his plane in Nashville had reportedly penned letters to Taylor Swift after an intense infatuation with the singer. Canadian aviator Michael Callon had unsuccessfully attempted to land his small aircraft in thick fog at Nashville Airport before the fatal accident occurred in October 2013," reported NME.

The story is now circulating online and social media users are baffled at the bizarre report. It was also revealed that the deceased pilot had sent letters to Swift before his passing.



"The plane also rented from Windsor Flying Club, where it was revealed that he had listed Swift as his next of kin during his membership registration. Michael’s membership form to the club showed he did indeed cite Taylor as his emergency contact," reported NME.

At this time, Taylor's not commented on the incident. Some believe the man's actions constituted charges of stalking.


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