Family Shopping Trip at Target Goes Horribly Wrong, Mom Sends Warning to Young Girls

July 31, 2018Jul 31, 2018

Target, the second-largest U.S. department store, is a popular shopping destination among families given their variety of products. Unfortunately, one family’s shopping trip at Target went horribly wrong and ended with a police investigation.

According to Fox News, a family from Cypress, California walked into a local Target store when they noticed an older man behaving oddly. He had his phone in his hand and appeared to be acting strangely toward the couple’s teenaged daughter.

Later, the mother — Angelica Duarte — noticed the same man trying to take “upskirt” pictures of another young woman in the store.

“This is actually a pedophile, a predator. He’s a pro; he knew exactly what he was doing...He actually kneeled down to take either a video or a picture of underneath her dress,” Duarte told Fox.

Duarte's husband tackled the man and attempted to catch him, but the suspect escaped. Fortunately, Duarte took a photo of the man’s car and license plate for police officers to use during an investigation.

However, there has been no confirmation the suspect has been caught as of Tuesday morning. Authorities did confirm a similar incident occurred in a nearby Target location just one hour before this reported incident.

“The safety and security of our guests is very important...We have no tolerance for this behavior in our stores...we will help law enforcement in any way,” Target responded in a statement.

Watch the video below for more details on this story:

Target has also been the center of national headlines in recent days after altering their bathroom policy. Their new policy supported transgender individuals; many customers were concerned the policy created a loophole for men to endanger women and children.

Parents with young girls, please take extra precautions during family outings. Faith Family America is praying that authorities are able to capture the suspect.

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