Target's New Lie To Concerned Customers

August 18, 2016Aug 18, 2016

The first lie was telling customers that they had everyone's security and well-being in mind. After Target made a huge and unasked for leap into opening up their restrooms and locker rooms for all gender access, over one million American customers protested, pulling down Target's worth 10%. The retail giant has refused to publicly connect the dots between the protest and their falling numbers, but a latest statement and attempt at pacifying concerned consumers tells the real truth.


The company "has heard objections," admitted CFO Cathy Smith on Wednesday. In response, Target is going to spend 20 million dollars to put a single-use bathroom in every store, reports the Christian Post. This is to give concerned parents and patrons the option to use the solo bathroom instead of the muiti-use restroom, which would be open to men or women. (The concept in protest is that your little girl can go to the bathroom in Target and have a man, who only need "feel" like he is a woman--though he will never be questioned for fear of discrimination--share the restroom with her. And in reality, this policy gives predators direct and unquestioned access into women's private facilities.)

However, the lie that the company has heard concerns is shown in that the real policy has not changed one bit. Men are still allowed into the women's bathroom and changing rooms, even though just last month a man was charged with video voyeurism after filming an 18 year old girl over her stall.

"This doesn't completely answer our concerns," says the American Family Association president Walker Wildmon. Not only are women and children still in danger, the company is showing its true allegiance. "Target made a conscious marketing decision to appeal to 0.003 percent of the population at the risk of alienating 99.9 percent of the population," wrote financial expert Dan Celia.

Time will tell how the company will rebound and how many more incidents of abuse will take place because of Target's refusal to reverse their policy. What do you think of their attempt to pacify concerned customers with single use restrooms? Let us hear your thoughts in the Comments! Thank you!