Target Protest Videos Take A RADICAL Shift As New Methods Go VIRAL

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May 19, 2016May 19, 2016

It’s a new trend. A recent video went viral of a mother of 12 marching through a Target store with her family in tow while holding a Bible and shouting out God’s judgment on the store and its employees for the company’s open bathrooms policy. Now numerous videos have used an almost identical template.

This one involves a woman in Queensbury, New York, walking quickly through a nearly empty Target near closing time, shouting at the top of her lungs to employees and shoppers that God is angry with the company.

In this video, a Hispanic man at a much busier Target evokes howls of indignation from other shoppers as he stands near the checkout counters and shouts, “You’re bringing the wrath of God upon this store! You people that work in here: Shame on you! Find another job!”

In this video, a black street preacher in a Portland, Oregon, Target protests the company’s policy with passages from the Bible as customers and employees confront him and make him leave. (Parental warning: Brief language)

A fourth video, which we are only linking to because it contains an abundance of crude language from customers, shows a Target protestor being angrily confronted by customers in the store, including a transgender individual. The protester tells the transgender woman she’s going to hell, and she replies by questioning the existence of God.

These videos — and there are many others — are a sharp contrast to the videos posted soon after Target’s policy announcement, where protesters politely asked workers to clarify the company’s policy and immediately left the store when asked to.

What do you think about these new protest videos?