Target May Have Avoided The MASSIVE Boycott, If This ONE Mistake Didn’t Occur...

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April 06, 2017Apr 06, 2017

Target stores have faced a massive boycott after they publicly announced their support in the federal Equality Act, allowing LGBT individuals to use the bathroom as the gender they identify themselves.

Apparently, this public announcement was a major shock to the CEO, Brian Cornell since he was not on the email chain requesting permission. However, two other executives granted permission for the blog post anyways.

The Libertarian Republic stated, “Cornell didn’t agree with making the policy public, but felt that the company couldn’t retract the statement.”

Whether leaving the CEO off of the email was intentional or not, this big mistake cost Target sales and customers. If the CEO had been put on the email chain, the company could have possibly avoided this huge boycott.

After the fact, Cornell did continue to express support for the policy in public appearances, but tried to relieve the effects of the boycott by reiterating Target is not the only business that has this type of policy.

The boycott was in response to Target’s transgender-supporting bathroom policy provided a gateway for men to victimize women and children. One man who identifies himself as a woman even received a prison sentence for taking pictures of a girl in a Target dressing room.

The boycott has been effective, as sales continue to drop every quarter, reports Business Insider.

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