Target Just Admitted THIS Mistake About Their Bathroom Policy...But It's Not The One You Think

April 07, 2017Apr 07, 2017

Money definitely talks. And the message to Target has been loud and clear after they boldly proclaimed their women's bathrooms and changing rooms would open to men, without question.

Target's numbers have been markedly down since their pro-transgender stance, and they've been trying to explain it away, unwilling to admit the fallout from their bathroom decision.


But in a recent meeting, Target CEO Brian Cornell admitted the mistake in publicizing the bathroom decision--but not in making it, reports the Christian Post

"Cornell expressed frustration about how the bathroom policy was publicized, and told colleagues he wouldn't have approved the decision to flaunt it. Target didn't adequately assess the risk, and the ensuing backlash was self-inflicted, he told staff. Now, it was too late to reverse course."

The American Family Association said this week that the boycott of Target's transgender policy has led to a 35% drop in the company's stock value, and that has  "shattered plans" for major expansions.

AFA quoted former Target customer Mary McCandless in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, who said, "Target picked a side and pretty much said to the rest of us that we don't matter."

But despite the economic fallout from their bold proclamation, Target is yet unwilling to change their stance. What do you think of their "admission" to regretting publicizing the policy and their refusal to change?

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