Take a Peek at the Extravagant 21 Bedroom Apartment Meghan and Prince Harry Will Be Living In

May 09, 2018May 09, 2018

The Royal wedding is only a few short days away! While most of the world is excited to see Prince Harry and Meghan become husband and wife, others may be stressing about it.

We're specifically talking about the builders who are renovating the 21-bedroom apartment where the Prince and his bride will be living. The apartment, at Kensington Palace, is currently a construction zone as workers work on the renovations and the roof.



The pair is currently staying close by. They are living in a two-bedroom place in Nottingham Cottage. Prince Harry has lived there for the past decade.

"But the pair - who have made no secret of their desire to have kids - are set to move from the two-bed house into the stunning 21-room Apartment 1 on the other side of the palace. It is currently occupied by the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, but they have agreed to downsize," reported The Sun.

The move was made possible by the graciousness of Harry's older brother and his wife. However, they won't be moving far off!


"Apartment 1 adjoins the 20-room Apartment 1A which Harry’s brother Prince William and his growing family live in," according to reports.

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