Duggar Couple Suffers Miscarriage: "I Couldn't Believe It"

February 11, 2019

If you are not familiar with the Duggar's, they are a large family that prizes leading godly lives and having as many kids as God gives...

Anne Graham Lotz Proclaims: God Healed Me Of Cancer

February 08, 2019

You can almost hear the trepidation in her writing as Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of the late Billy Graham and sister to Franklin, proclaims in faith...

Trump At National Prayer Breakfast: "As The Lord Says..."

america faith
February 07, 2019

We have been seeing a more and more deeply committed Christian in President Trump. At the outset of his presidency, many wondered if his spoken commitments...

The Surprising Thing Franklin Graham Liked Most About Trump's State Of The Union Speech

February 06, 2019

President Trump's State of the Union address, was of course, highly anticipated. With a passionately divided country and an antagonistic media ready to pounce on Trump,...

God's Judgment Begins To Fall On Abortion Leaders In A Major Way

america faith
February 06, 2019

When we watched New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (a professing Catholic) smiling as he signed the bill that would let full-term babies be killed on their...

This 2007 Trump Prophecy Is Dem's Worst Nightmare And Christians' Best Hope

February 05, 2019

In January, Christians saw evil reign in parts of the country. In New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into effect a full-term abortion law that allows...

Franklin Graham Shares The Article "Everyone Needs To Read"

February 04, 2019

What is this country coming to? Are we just like the Israelites, who offered up their children to the fires of Molech? Will God leave us...

VP Pence Breaks White House Silence On NY, VA Late-Term Abortion Laws

america faith
February 01, 2019

What has happened in America in the last couple of weeks is just awful. Vice President Mike Pence, an avid pro-lifer and Christian, called it "morally...

VA Governor Stuns Country With Defense Of Killing Born-Alive Babies

January 31, 2019

Much of the country, thankfully, was aghast last week when New York decided to let fully-formed and to-term babies be lethally injected on their due dates....

Franklin Graham Stunned By Dem's Latest Anti-God Agenda

January 30, 2019

You know it's bad when Franklin Graham starts his post out with "Wow." The passionate preacher has seen a lot, but the latest move from the...