Tad Cummins’ Wife Reads Last Note He Left Her, Reveals Another Terrible Detail

July 05, 2017Jul 05, 2017

— Tad admitted, “Yes, I did.” “I didn’t want any details,” Jill told Inside Edition. “I knew the truth, but I just wanted to hear it from him.”

— Jill told Tad she probably wouldn’t take any more phone calls from him after this one.

— Tad claimed to Jill that Elizabeth went with him willingly and could have easily left him, but Jill rebuked him saying, “I told him ‘She is a child, and you’re a 50-year-old man. And that’s not right. She didn’t have a choice whether or not to go with you.”

— When Tad was originally suspended after a student reported him kissing Elizabeth at school, Jill assumed the allegation was false.

— When Tad disappeared on March 13, he left a note for Jill that read: “I’m getting away to clear my head of all this crap. I love you. Please don’t call the police. They’ll just think I’m guilty and I’m not. I’m so sorry.”

— Jill revealed at the time, “I really felt like he was maybe mentally having a hard time dealing with all this stress [from the accusation and suspension].” She didn’t suspect a relationship between him and Elizabeth until police told her Elizabeth was missing, too.

— To add insult to injury, the Nissan Rogue that Tad and Elizabeth traveled across the country with was actually Jill’s car, leaving her stranded at work and unable to drive his stick-shift Jeep.

— Looking at Facebook photos of her and Tad framed in hearts, Jill said, “When I look at those, it’s good memories. And it’s almost like a death has happened, because that person would have never done this to me.”

Our prayers go out to Jill, her daughters, and her grandchildren as they go through this terrible ordeal.

During Tad and Elizabeth’s disappearance, Jill prayed for Elizabeth’s return and begged her husband on national TV to bring her back home.