Tad Cummins Reveals Escape Route He Took With Elizabeth Thomas

July 05, 2017Jul 05, 2017

DAY 11 through (roughly) 25
Tad purchased a two-man kayak for $1,500. After doing a test run in the ocean from San Diego to Tijuana, Mex., Tad decided the waves were too much for his kayak and abandoned that plan. He was nervous about being caught trying to drive across the border to Mexico, too.

After driving inland to Slab City, Calif., Tad took Elizabeth northwest to Los Angeles, where he sold the kayak to help boost their quickly dwindling cash.

He eventually went further north to Berkeley, where he learned about the remote Black Bear Ranch hippie commune just south of the Oregon border.

DAY (roughly) 26-35
Tad and Elizabeth stopped in the tiny community of Cecilville to get directions to Black Bear Ranch. They were broke by this time. Gas station employee Griffin Barry had compassion on them and gave them money before they headed up to the nearby commune.

Tad and Elizabeth stayed at the ranch for up to 10 days before they were kicked out by the residents who didn’t feel they were interested in their off-the-grid hippie lifestyle.

DAY 36-38
The pair returned to Cecilville and asked Griffin for a place to stay. He let them stay in a unfinished cabin in exchange for work. After two nights, he found out who they were and notified authorities, leading to Tad’s arrest and Elizabeth’s rescue.

Tad faces multiple state and federal charges.

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