Tad Cummins Left Something For His Wife On The Day Of The Disappearance

April 12, 2017Apr 12, 2017


Beloved 15-year-old, Elizabeth Thomas, and her former 50-year-old teacher, Tad Cummins, have been missing from their hometown in Tennessee since March 13th. An Amber Alert has grabbed attention nationwide and even other countries as authorities seek to find them.

A new detail regarding the case has just been revealed by a local Tennessee news source: Tad Cummins left his wife a note before he disappeared with Elizabeth Thomas.

Specific content was not provided, but the purpose of the letter was to create a ‘diversion’ and mislead Cummins’ wife in hopes of buying himself extra time to escape.

Cummins is also on medication for high blood pressure, so will most likely have to visit a pharmacy. Pharmacists, please be on the look-out for him and Thomas.

The photo below shows the last time they were seen on March 15th at a Walmart in Oklahoma City, leading the public to believe Thomas and Cummins have both dyed their hair.

Important details regarding this case:

  • Thomas is a victim and in great danger.
  • After the disappearance, Cummins’ wife filed for divorce.
  • Recent evidence shows that Thomas feared Cummins and most likely did not desire to leave with him. 
  • The two could potentially be anywhere in the U.S. or even another country.
  • Report any suspicions or known information to the authorities immediately.

Please continue to share Elizabeth’s story and pray for her safe return! Thank you!