T.I. Snatches Mic From Comedian’s Hand After She Joke About His Sexual Assault Allegations!!

T.I. was furious with Lauren Knight, comedian after she made jokes about Tiny’s accusations of sexual assault.

T.I. Tiny Harris and T.I. were accused of sexual assault, trafficking in sex and drugging women. They have always denied the allegations.

Check out the video below.

“There was no f*cking crime. There is nothing to be charged me or my wife for. Shut the f*ck up for a second. Hey, listen… Yo, yo, yo. As many times as you joke on that sh*t, n*gga, I’m gonna check your muthaf*ckin ass as long as it takes. N*gga, when you stop talkin’ about it—when you stop playin’ with me and mine—I’mma stop sayin’ something,” he said.