1960s Actress who Co-Starred with Elvis Presley Dies from Cancer

December 13, 2017Dec 13, 2017

A famous 1960s-1970s actress sadly passed away earlier this week after battling stage 4 liver cancer for more than a year, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Suzanna Leigh died on Tuesday, December 12th.

Leigh, originally from England, primarily starred in British movies, but she was also well-known to U.S. audiences. She is most famously recognized for co-starring with Elvis Presley in “Paradise, Hawaiian Style.”

Leigh’s daughter Natalia, who is also an actress, made the sad announcement in a heartbreaking Facebook post.

Natalia wrote, “I'd like to tell you a story about a star. She shown as bright as the northern star. Her beauty was breathtaking and her wit, class and heart were unmeasurable. Her name was Suzanna Leigh and this incredible woman with strength and fabulousness was my Mum.”

She continued, “I lost her today. My warrior and my heart died at 5:30PM, on her terms. It was time for JESUS to take her home. The world will forever be a little less light & magical. And my life has now and will be forever changed. I personally died a little today as she was my everything and I will never be the same.”


Following the news of her death, many fans and those close to her expressed their warm thoughts and prayers on social media.




Please keep her friends, family, and loved ones in your prayers. Were you a fan of Suzanna Leigh? Share your thoughts in our Facebook comments.

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