Suspected Terrorist Drives U-Haul Into Crowd, Stabs Police Officer

October 01, 2017Oct 01, 2017

A suspected terrorist, who allegedly attacked a police offer with a knife, drove a U-Haul truck into innocent pedestrians in Edmonton, Alberta on Saturday night, according to NBC News. The tragic incident is being investigated for connections to terrorism by Canadian officials.

The 30-year old suspect was detailed after a high-speed chase through the streets, which will were filled with Saturday nightwalkers and football fans. 

Although only one person was captured, it is possible that the man wasn't acting entirely alone. Therefore, police are still searching for others who might have been involved. And apparently, an ISIS flag was seized from the passenger seat of the truck, causing officials to believe that the suspect may have connections to ISIS. 

“We believe the individual acted alone," Police Chief Rod Knecht said. He confirmed that an ISIS flag was seized from the vehicle initially connected with the attack on the police officer.

The chaos began outside of a football game at Commonwealth Stadium at 8 pm Saturday. Reports claim that suddenly, out of nowhere, a vehicle violently rammed a traffic control barricade and sent an officer flying into the air. The driver then got out and viciously stabbed the officer several times. He then fled the scene. 

The officer was rushed to the hospital. Although the injuries were numerous and painful, none of them are life-threatening. 

At around midnight, a U-Haul van was stopped downtown by the police but then fled the scene. A high-speed chase then pursued. The U-Haul hit and injured four pedestrians before it eventually flipped over. 

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