Report: Police Surround Bank as Robber Holds Hostages

January 25, 2018Jan 25, 2018

News is breaking that police in suburban Detroit are negotiating with a man holding hostages inside of a bank following a failed robbery, according to the Associated Press

The hostages are currently being held inside of a Citizens Bank Branch. Currently, details haven't been released to the public about the number of hostages, but there are certainly more than one. 

Police are now surrounding the bank and claim that the man refuses to come out. He has also barricaded himself inside. Police haven't been able to determine whether the suspect is acting alone. 

The newspaper reports that no injuries have been reported. 

According to Freep News, the bank is located at 285 N. Canton Center Road. As police surround the area they are also keeping all traffic away from the area. No shots have been fired so far during this incident. 

In recent news, Trump is expected to accept a pathway to citizenship for 1.8 million "dreamers." 

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