Suspected Robber Shot By Police on School Grounds

January 16, 2018Jan 16, 2018

Reports are coming in about a man shot by police at a school in Montpelier, Vermont. According to Fox News, police in Vermont's capital city claim that officers shot and killed an attempted robbery suspect at a local high school. 

Once authorities became aware that the suspect was on school property, Montpelier High School was quickly placed on lockdown. The nearby state Department of Labor was also placed on lockdown following the attempted robbery at Vermont State Employees Credit Union, which was just across the street from the high school. 

Fortunately, no other schools were affected.

Fox News reports that the robbery occurred at about 9:30 am on Tuesday. The suspect died after being shot by police. 

Police apparently cornered the suspect nearby on the football field at the high school. WCAX News then witnessed a police team open fire on the suspect, who quickly dropped to the ground. An ambulance then rushed to the scene in order to take the suspect away. At this point, it is still unclear whether the suspect fired a weapon. 

Montpelier School Superintendent Brian Ricca remarked that during the incident, the school wasn't only put on lockdown, but parents were also immediately notified. Ricca then claimed that because the incident was contained outside, they made the decision to not let anybody leave the building. 

The lockdown was soon lifted at 11:30 am. The principle then spoke with students at about noon, and the students, after hearing the principal speak, went about their classes as usual. 

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