Susan Sarandon TRASHES Hillary: "Can't Trust Her"

October 04, 2016Oct 04, 2016


Susan Sarandon is a liberal-leaning Hollywood celebrity. That should almost automatically ensure she votes for Hillary, right? Wrong. In a couple of bold interviews, Sarandon trashes her former friend Hillary and even says that she might pick Trump over Clinton. She says that some people think Trump will "bring the revolution," which Sarandon sees as much better than the status quo.

As an ardent Bernie Sanders supporter, Sarandon thinks that Clinton is a lying sell-out, principally charging her for bedding Monsanto and fracking companies for money. Sarandon also shares how she told Clinton going into war in the Middle East was a terrible idea. She half-jokingly says in her interview with Stephen Colbert that she had to "break up" with Clinton.

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